Arthur and Paul Talk – Premiere Episode

On the very first episode of Arthur and Paul Talk we introduce ourselves, talk about Romney and his latest antics, the Freedom From Religion group, and the Apple podcasting app. Leave us comments or voicemail either here or at the new Arthur and Paul Talk Podcast site. Subscription information, Twitter Feed, Google+ page and voicemail number and email address are all on the new site!

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3 thoughts on “Arthur and Paul Talk – Premiere Episode

  1. Arthur – I don’t think that Condi Rice is “unknown”; far better known than Palin was. And Huckabee didn’t do so badly in 2008; the problem was that there were lots of winner-take-all primaries in the GOP in 2008. Huckabee did a lot better, e.g., than Guiliani.

    I’m ambivalent about how much one does or doesn’t pick a fight over principled positions. If you just decide to fight what other people might accept, we’d never have progress in rights for workers, women or minorities of many types.

    And the Presidential debates are already scheduled for October:

  2. At least we know C. Rice has been in the system and in the White House before, not just a candidate (Palin) to be there. Though in the international news we never knew about what she thinks, only about what her boss thinks. It gives at least an idea of who she is.

  3. Thanks guys, and I agree with you about Condi. I didn’t really mean that she was a total unknown, just that she was unknown in elections. As soon as I said that, I realised it didn’t come out quite right.

    Roger, you’re right about Huckabee, and I was pretty much being a smart aleck—he didn’t win in the end.

    I think a symbolic fight over principled positions is fine if it leads to greater understanding or helps lead to larger victories, but after years of being a political pragmatist I have trouble being patient with activists who pick fights for the sake of the fight, or SEEM to antagonise for the sake of it.

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