AmeriNZ 123 – Politicast last 2 weeks

We’re in the last two weeks, and soon this way-too-long campaign will be over! We start today with polls: Where they’re at, what they mean. We also talk about early voting and its impact on the election. Then we move on to a hard look at the rhetoric of the Republican campaign. What does “pro-American” mean? Why has Palin promoted her strong support for a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage? Log Cabin Republicans get a verbal slap. Oh, yeah, we have to talk about right wing Christianity, too, given the role it’s playing in this campaign. Comments let us talk even more!

Links for this episode:
Real Clear Politics

ABC (US) News’ tax cut comparison

Steal Back Your Vote comic book by Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Jason’s blog is here.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 123 – Politicast last 2 weeks

  1. Hi Arthur – this is Rhonda in Orlando. Yes early voting has started here and yes the lines are very long. I am voting Libertarian (because I am sick of both the leading parties) this year. I usually do 🙂 We also have the ‘definition of marriage’ (Amendment #2) on our ballot in Florida this year. I wish there was a comments space somewhere on the ballot so I could give voice to precisely how I feel about the idiots who proposed this. I do not expect it to pass. I hope it doesn’t pass. If it does, that would leave, as far as I know, the only municipality in Florida that does respect domestic/gay partnerships and has specific laws regarding same sex unions.

    Love ya sweetheart 🙂 When do we all get to see your smiling face again 🙂

  2. We recorded the next episode before I had a chance to reply, and I haven’t edited yet so I’m not sure how I replied on the podcast. Here are some (hopefully) different responses:

    Faethe: Well, as you know, I’m not a big fan of the Libertarians, but I do think the most important thing is that people vote—as long as it’s not for McCain! 🙂

    It would be nice to be able to leave comments, but I suppose the only way we can do that is to vote against stupid ballot measures.

    Some sort of video isn’t far away.

    Roger: I love the irony, but somehow I bet it would be lost on her… Thanks for the link!

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