AmeriNZ 305 – Third

This is the third episode of 2014, and the first in seven months. Do I remember how to do this? Well, I did, more or less, but I had some sound issues and re-recorded this again (again) today.

A lot has happened since we last spoke: The NZ elections, lots of NZ news and I met Auntie Vera. I talk about what happened in the election (but not too much scary political stuff). This is the main topic today because it was the main thing that took up my year. Then, I talk about some things in the news—updates to things I’ve talked about in previous episodes..

There are several ways to send me an audio message—this earlier post lists them.

Links for this episode
My blog posts on the NZ election
“Solid Energy says Pike River Mine will not be re-entered” – NZ Herald
“New sex charge against Blessie murder accused” – NZ Herald
“Crass opportunism in wake of siege” – Stuff
“Sydney siege: Govt must weigh risk, rights – John Key” – NZ Herald
Vera Speaks… For Real – The podcast of Auntie Vera, who I met in real life

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