AmeriNZ 129 – Politicast after the elections

Today we start by talking about post-election issues—what’s going on, what’s likely to happen. We also talk about the future of the Republican Party. That leads to a discussion of the various ballot initiatives, especially California’s Prop 8. We even talk about the formation of New Zealand’s new government. Did a gay MP get a cabinet post, as I had suggested might happen?

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 129 – Politicast after the elections

  1. 38 states needed to pass a Constitutional amendment. “Once proposed — whether submitted by Congress or by a national convention — amendments must then be ratified by three-fourths of the states to take effect.” The two-thirds you were thinking of refers to the members of the House and Senate necessary to get it out to the states.

  2. You are correct, Roger: 3/4 of states must ratify an amendment, either through their legislature or state convention (Article V of the US Constitution). However, 2/3 of states can propose an amendment. Things just got all muddled up. Speaking only for myself, I blame CRS.

    I completely agree with you: I don’t think America is “post-racial”, not even close. However, I think the country has taken a leap forward through the election of Obama. But the real hope, as it always is, is with children and young people who are far less racist, sexist and homophobic than their parents, and they’re the hope that the country will get closer to a time without all the evil “isms”. That’s really what we were trying to get at, I think.

  3. Time will tell, but it’s really 2 countries. It’s very hard to tell from NZ but from my 3 weeks back in the US in Sept, it seemed worse off than when I left in early ’06. Tensions were higher, and not just because of the election. Religion seemed even more influential than before- I could not find an FM station where they weren’t forever talking about how “blessed” they were or ranting on about how rotten everyone else was- other than NPR. (I did spend some time looking, too, driving back and forth between Chicago and the east coast.)

    I too was very very happy that the blue country won this time- but there are tons of home-schooled younger people who have no clue what the real world is like or how to function within it, and many of them are now young adults. What will they teach their own children?

  4. I think you both take the high road regarding the lack of African American support for Prop 8. I still can’t get past the fact that they didn’t consider this a civil rights issue.

    Even though, as Dan Savage said, losing Prop. 8 “took the buzz of Obama winning” I still believe that one (of many) reasons for voting for Obama was that we have to get past racial divide in some way, and surely he is our best hope.

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