AmeriNZ 313 – Results

amerinz_podcast_150x150First up today, the results of New Zealand’s first flag referendum. Then, an update to a story from last time about John Key. More evidence the incident did Key no harm. We had some stuff to deal with, but got to see the new Star Wars before most people we know.

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Link for this episode
“Official Result of the First Referendum on the New Zealand Flag” – Electoral Commission
“How did the second most preferred first pick win the referendum?”Stuff
“Now it’s final” – my blog post on the final results
“The winning alternative” – my blog post on the preliminary results
All of my blog posts on the NZ flag referenda
“‘I have reflected on my comments’: Key admits ‘murderers and rapists’ outburst was wrong”ONE News
“John Key apologises for ‘backing rapists’ comment”NZ Herald
“National set for happy Christmas as Key Government retains strong lead over Labour/Greens opposition” – Roy Morgan Research
“Police house raid on investigative journalist Nicky Hager found to be unlawful”NZ Herald
“Seeing ‘Star Wars’ (no spoilers)” – my blog post I mentioned

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