AmeriNZ 345 – 12 Years Later

Today is the 12th Podoversary of the AmeriNZ Podcast, which is significant, even if the specific number isn’t, because both the podcast and I are still here. I talk about that today, but first I have some updates to last week’s episode first. This episode isn’t really a celebratory episode as such, but at the end I have an audio montage I created for this episode. Wendy made me do it.

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Links for this episode
“PM Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons and all assault rifles”Radio New Zealand
”We Are One” – My blog post on the two minutes silence
”A podcast is up” – The original shownotes for the first episode

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 345 – 12 Years Later

  1. Hey Arthur,
    Happy Podiversary! 12 year is a long time and I’m right there with you starting in July of 2006. Keep posting. I love listening to your podcast.


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