AmeriNZ 372 – Talking in whispers

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016I begin this episode with an overview of New Zealand’s recent local government elections: What message do the voters send? What does it imply for the general election next year? I’ve done a mini-series of posts on my blog (links below) if you’re interested in more detail. The stuff I talk about in this episode leads on to a brief discussion of some fringe political activity.

Then I talk about some of the mini-projects I did recently.

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Links for this episode
”NZ voters send local government a message: ‘Meh.’” – My blog post on NZ’s local elections.
“Hamilton voters shrug” – My blog post on Hamilton and Waikato elections.
“Auckland voters say little” – My blog post on Auckland elections.
“An unexpectedly easy job” – A blog post about moving the VegePod.

Things I saw after I recorded:
”Hundreds of farm vehicles convoy in Manawatū protest against ‘communist’ emissions plan”Stuff
”Fact check: how do Groundswell’s climate complaints stack up?”Stuff
“Voices for Freedom hijacks farmers’ protest”Stuff
“Protesters who glued themselves to busy motorway taking a ‘breather’”Stuff

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