amerinz_podcast_150x150Contrary to appearances, I haven’t quit podcasting. I start out today talking a bit about where I’ve been lately, then I have updates on topics I’ve talked about before. From there it’s on to a comment-a-palooza, which lets me talk about the issues, some background info and more. Finally, I talk a bit about the live shows.

A new 2Political is coming this week. Also, join us on for the next live podcast on, starting at 8pm Eastern North American time on Thursday, October 22 (1pm Friday, October 23 New Zealand time). You can also join other listeners in the chatroom, where you can ask questions or make comments as the show is streamed.

Links for this episode
Clayton Weatherston to appeal conviction
Banjo killer appeals sentence
Law Society and MPs disagree on provocation
MMP referendum to be held with 2011 election
Ramblin’ with Roger

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