AmeriNZ 219 – Wintry Wednesday

amerinz_podcast_150x150It’s winter in New Zealand; I don’t care what the calendar says. Today I tell you about our holiday weekend, then it’s on to some things from the news: Will Riff Raff be allowed to live in New Zealand? Will the hooker get to keep the bank’s millions? Will the mail still make through the gloom six days a week? Will pendants succeed in locking-down the English language? Will I think of another question to ask?

Something in the PO Box, a phone comment, a written one and my first Audioboo, all in one episode! Great value for the price you pay! (yes, I’m being silly today).

Links for this episode
Mayor’s happy to let in Riff Raff
Bolger suggests reducing NZ Post deliveries
Pedants’ revolt aims to protect English from spell of txt spk
Arthur’s AmeriNZ Audioboo, um, page?

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 219 – Wintry Wednesday

  1. Unless you’re a dangling ornament, you are *not* a pendant. However, being fussy about precise speaking, you might well be a pedant.

    Like me.

  2. I, on the other hand, am NEVER pedantic.

    Reckon that the thing that bugs me about the cutback of postal service, in the US and in NZ, is the talk that EVERYBODY uses e-mail, pays their bills online, etc., etc. Well, no, they don’t. And the ones that don’t, by and large, tend to be in a lower socio-economic class. I understand the economies of scale may no longer exist for regular postal service, but it does make me sad, and it’s not just romanticism.

  3. Keep those cockles warm now that it’s getting cold down in the New Zedland.

    I’ve been switching over to online payments for several bills, but I continue to wonder about the security of the companies I give my payment information to. The stories I hear about from people dealing with identity theft at work makes me think sometimes old fashion checks aren’t so bad. I’m kinda in the middle about it.

    A simple Google search will reveal all kinds of news stories about breaches of customer’s information from corporations. And here we sit with the worst ecologic disaster happening in the US Gulf by a company who’s disaster plan appears to be the big joke.

    Can I really trust corporations with my personal banking information? I’m beginning to wonder.

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