AmeriNZ 218 – Lunchtime

amerinz_podcast_150x150No food was consumed in the making of this podcast. The name comes from the fact that I gave up my lunch break today to record this episode. Such sacrifices I make! Seriously, I’m just really busy and needed a break, so this was it.

I begin by talking about some problems I had organising Pride 48 and how I felt about that. Next, I give recent updates on some stories I originally talked about last year. A US airline will be flying to New Zealand. An email asks a food question (See? Lunchtime!) and shares a bizarre news story. A phone comment lets me talk about US/NZ differences and such.

I talk more in-depth about Pride 48 and how YOU can make a promo—it’s easy! Related to that, I’m now on Audio-boo: My user name is AmeriNZ (big surprise, I know).

I co-host a special Pride 48 info show live in Tuesdays at 8pm EDT right up until the event.

Links for this episode
Schedule of recorded episodes on Pride 48
US Memorial Day in New Zealand – from my blog

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 218 – Lunchtime

  1. “How the criteria were measured…” You have no idea how thrilled I was that you recognized CRITERIA as a plural noun, just like DATA.

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