AmeriNZ 230 – Crazed Man Posits

amerinz_podcast_150x150Today’s title is derived from a little Internet fad, which I talk about first. Then, they’ll let any riffraff live in New Zealand. An almost American-style change to the NZ income tax has been proposed. American-style climate change deniers are grandstanding. The liquor laws may yet change. The local elections are coming up fast, and important deadlines fall on Friday of this week. Then after comments I share a little before ending this episode.

Links for this episode
O’Brien’s rocky immigration ride over
Bill aims to let couples split income and cut tax
Main parties eye compulsory KiwiSaver
Court challenge to Niwa ‘stupid’
Key: Drinking law announcement in weeks
Taking a Stand – From my blog

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6 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 230 – Crazed Man Posits

  1. Did you notice that I gave you a little blog love last week?

    Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing with my blog, maybe never have, and it’s been more than 5 years! I have stopped looking at my numbers, though, mostly because I’d have to log in every time. Interestingly, when I stopped looking, I stopped caring. (I do notice, however, that, for “Roger Green”, my defunct blog sometimes rates higher on Google than my active one!)

  2. i have just started listening to your podcasts and have listened to all of the ones on itunes. i hope you keep on releasing podcasts. i love the topics you bring up and the style in which you present them. please keep it up. now i am going to go back and search through your archives for more AmeriNZ podcasts. it’s important that you present another different worldview especially because you’re and expat- loove NZ and its politics/people. cheers!

  3. Hello Arthur. I’ve been listening to your show for quite a while now. More than a year I believe. And when I sensed that you were a little tired of podcasting, I panicked a little. So here I am sending you some podcast fan love!

    I like your show, a mixture of personal blogging and current events. The views and discussions on various LGBT issues are refreshing and educational. Thanks to your podcasts, and other podcasts like yours, I’ve learned a lot about the issues affecting the LGBT community, and have become more confident and vocal among my peers when it comes to talking about these issues. Your podcasts have affected many listeners in good ways and brought a lot of goods to the community. I understand your concern with the number of listeners, but I am sure they are many quality listeners out there who would want you to stay on so please please please do not pod-fade!


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