AmeriNZ 253 – Missing holiday

It’s a bumper holiday weekend edition! And by that I mean, it’s just longer than usual. I begin today by talking about the four-day Easter holiday weekend in New Zealand. We were robbed of a fifth holiday this weekend. Next, I talk a bit about our previous weekend.

My main topic today is an extensive NZ election update. First, I set the stage by describing the situation, before talking about polling and offer some opinions as to why it is as it is. When I talked about List candidates, I accidentally skipped over an important part. Do you know what it is?

Once again, phone and written comments let me expand on the issues discussed.

Join Nigel for his The Third Colony show on Saturday, April 23 at 9pm EDT (Americas; 1pm Sunday, April 24 NZ).

Links for this episode
Another place new to me – My blog post on our trip (with photos)
National climbs closer to record high in latest poll
Key: We can’t help your price pain
Govt use of RNZAF aircraft doubles
Labour’s asset sales campaign runs into road rule problem

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 253 – Missing holiday

  1. No I don’t understand. If New Zealand is the land of “secularism”, or sort of, why is it that Easter Monday is a holiday? I am sure people would want it to stay like that, but why isn’t it called a “bank holiday” type of name?
    I suppose this would be a question for any country considering itself secular.

  2. If Easter is kept as a national holiday, are there other more indigenous celebrated as a holiday? Because to be fair, if one is others should be too without discriminating. And here I’m not talking about Christmas either.

    Ps: Is the indigenous an offensive word?

  3. Why don’t people (I mean of any country, not only NZ) want those public companies sold?

    I do understand there is a national security issue, beneficial tax going to the main national pot advantage and a preservation of countless jobs that would be destroyed in a private sector, health services… but why would others care about the public domain? Users information is used as much and as such way as a private company. And with time and living cost getting higher public domains will need to restrict their customers to the ones that can pay with extra services. Same behaviour as in the private field.

    You say that “The public own” these companies? Centuries have proven that not the public owns the public domain, but the government. Any complaint towards officials, any lazyness by officials is ignored. Bureaucracy is so high to the normal citizen to understand the logic of it that they would rather not argue. The citizen is taxed with administrative fees, etc. If costs are lowered and aid is given, usually cost is higher for the government that way because somebody has to pay for it. The user gets to pay anyway.

    I don’t see the advantage of citizens owning such a huge company if they can not change things in it. It is a myth people through electorates get things changed.

    I think maybe they are trying to get rid of such institutions because they spend more than they produce.

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