AmeriNZ 255 – Big doings

I reveal some big news in this episode—AFTER some news updates and such. Because I can. But if you’re impatient or just not interested, fast forward to around 12 minutes. There will be more detail later this week.

The news segment today is about political polling and a bit about economics and international trade (yeah, really). It’s a short episode, too.

Links for this episode
Funny Numbers – My blog post on the polls I mentioned.
Dollar falls from post-float high
Heinz sheds more than 300 jobs
NZ looks attractive to Aussie industry
Farpoint Radio

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 255 – Big doings

  1. Amazing news 🙂 best of luck for the new radio project and thank you guys for all the effort to keep us informed and entertained. Alles Gute 🙂

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