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amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016There’s been a lot of news here in New Zealand, but the two biggest stories were probably not widely reported overseas. So, first I begin talking about sport (yes, really!): The America’s Cup and the British and Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand. I mainly talk about stuff that provides some background and context to those stories, and why they matter for New Zealand.

The New Zealand general election is drawing ever closer, and a new poll is out. How did National and Labour fare? How did New Zealand First, which I talked about last time, do? And, what does all of this imply for the results of the election?

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Links for this episode
”America’s Cup”Wikipedia
“America’s Cup and us” – My blog post on the victory
”2017 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand”Wikipedia
”Irish Rugby Football Union”Wikipedia
”Ireland’s Call”Wikipedia
”New Zealand Barbarians”Wikipedia
”Māori All Blacks”Wikipedia
”Andrew Little drops to fourth as preferred PM in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll that sees both major parties take a hit”1 News (with video)
”Andrew Little deflects worst approval rating by Labour leader since 2009: Polls are not ‘what motivate me’”1 News (with video)

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  1. I actually thought it might have, though I’m not sure how many people actually pay attention to it normally.

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