AmeriNZ 361 – The ever-changing times

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016I recorded this episode last Friday (March 11), but didn’t have time to finish editing it that day—or all weekend. Life happens. This episode begins with me talking about my solar electricity system, and where things are at. I’ll have a more in-depth look at it after twelve months, but a check-in now is still a good idea—it’s been awhile!

The bulk of this episode, though, is about the three-week occupation of the grounds of the NZ Parliament—which is ironic because only I posted my previous episode only a short time before the occupation began. In that episode, I talked about why I thought New Zealand hadn’t had anything like the angry, aggressive, often irrational “protests” other countries had seen. Well, we have now! I have a nuanced perspective, as is usually the case, though my opinion of the occupiers is still negative. Below is an extended list of links to New Zealand coverage of various aspects of the occupation.

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Links for this episode
Parliament protesters dig trenches to avoid ‘all night’ sprinklers – By André Chumko, Sophie Cornish, Erin Gourley and Matthew Tso, Stuff
‘Splintered realities’: How NZ convoy lost its way – By Marc Daalder, newsroom
The Trumpism spilling out onto Parliament’s lawn is the new virus – By Andrea Vance, Stuff
Do the protesters in Wellington even know what ‘freedom’ means? – By Jehan Casinader, Stuff
Wellington protesters’ extreme distrust of mainstream media – By Kristin Hall, 1News (TVNZ)
Tinfoil hats, Winnie, and the poo: Anti-mandate protest nears end of third week – By Virginia Fallon, Stuff (sums up most of the occupation)
Iwi take unprecedented stand against ‘abusive’ protesters who invaded marae – By Glenn McConnell, Stuff
Yesterday was New Zealand’s January 6. What happens now? – By Nik Dirga, RNZ (Full disclosure: I met Nik when he was a guest on the podcast way back in 2008, on episode 71)

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 361 – The ever-changing times

  1. From the Boston Globe: Cases of COVID-19 are rising not just in Hong Kong, but also in New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, other Pacific countries, as well as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and some other parts of Europe. (The culprit appears to be BA.2, a more contagious version of Omicron.)

    The difference between Hong Kong and those countries is the death rate: Most adults in those nations are vaccinated; in Hong Kong, the lack of vaccinations, especially among older people, has led to a horrific amount of serious illness and death.

    Keep your eye on China, which also has a lot of elderly who aren’t vaccinated.

    And as you know, BA.2 is here in the US. The CDC says it made up about 12 percent of the cases diagnosed last week. And in the US cities that are monitoring their wastewater for early signs of infection, the amount of virus they’re finding is rising in about one-third of those cities.

  2. Apparently, most of the cases in New Zealand are now believed to be BA.2, which is even more infectious than BA.1. However, experts also hope that this rapid increase in cases may help achieve herd immunity just in time for the winter influenza season to begin (vaccination for seasonal influenza usually begins in April). Despite staggering numbers of cases, hospitalisations and deaths remain relatively low (compared to other countries’ experiences) because of NZ’s VERY high percentage of fully-vaccinated people, and the high percentage of people who’ve had a booster. This is a long way from over, sadly.

  3. I don’t know HOW to to speak to the nut cases. I just don’t, I receive terrible texts daily, sometimes two or three and it’s as though we’re in different universes. Putin is saving us from the Jewish/New World Order cabal. Canadian truckers are freedom fighters, and so on.

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