AmeriNZ 368 – Sunshine

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Today is the last day of August, and the last day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and here I am with another podcast.

I begin today talking about how I took advantage of the sunshine, and then why it’s important. Then, I talk about a small thing kind of big deal thing that I did. After that, it’s talk about another way sunshine is important in New Zealand right now.

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Links for this episode
”Sometimes, deciding is what matters” – My latest Health Journey blog post.
“Fire and Fury” – The Stuff Circuit documentary on the far-right in New Zealand.

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 368 – Sunshine

  1. I spent a whole 30 seconds of my life waiting to see if you had a secret message after the signoff. Nothing! What a disappointment. 😉

    Fire and Fury is available from your link in the US, although I have not watched it yet.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know what that was about. I didn’t notice it during editing, only when I played back the finished version.

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