amerinz_podcast_150x150Recorded live and presented unedited (be warned): Joining me for today’s Live Chat on were regular panellists Steven in Wisconsin and LurryDean, as well as Larken.

After thirty-one defeats in a row, and despite a narrow win in Washington State, radical religious extremists have been emboldened by their victory in Maine and are marching on in their campaign to deny GLBT people ALL civil and human rights, not just the right to marry. How do we fight back—and win? Sure, we have to wage mighty grassroots campaigns, but how do we fight a lie? How do we take on scaremongering? How do we defeat the radical religious extremists without coming across like we think all religion or religious people are our enemies? How do we put an end to the nonsense of people being able to vote on who is and who is not an equal citizen? What do we need to do right now to turn the tide?

Toward the end of today’s episode we talk about all sort of things, some of it related to today’s topic, most of it not. That’s the point of a group show, after all.

Posting of the recorded version of this episode was delayed by my heavy work commitments.

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