AmeriNZ 203 – Autumn begins

amerinz_podcast_150x150The AmeriNZ Podcast’s Anniversary Month continues! Each recorded audio podcast this month will have at least one question and answer. All you have to do is write down the question number and the correct answer. Once you have five correct questions/answers, send them to me by the end of the month. Every correct entry will go in the draw to win a Kiwi Prize Pack including things from New Zealand. You can enter as often as you like, but each entry must have five different correct questions/answers. I also mix it up a bit, so be on the lookout for extra questions.

First, I have a special announcement about next week (well, two, actually—the other’s near the end). Then, it’s Autumn now, though technically it doesn’t start for a couple days yet, but the weather is already changing. I have a story from the news, then another that actually related to last week’s topic. And there’s a competition question, of course.

Archerr will be doing a live group show on Pride 48 starting at 8:00pm Eastern North American time on Thursday, March 18 (1:00pm Friday, March 19 New Zealand time). You can also join other listeners in the chatroom, where you can also ask questions or make comments as the show is streamed. I’ll be back hosting the live show the following week.

Links for this episode

Spy base verdict lets protesters go free – NZ Herald

Anti-gay political party throws in the towel – GayNZ

The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception by Nicky Hager (the story of the 2005 NZ election)

Making Peoples: A History of the New Zealanders, from Polynesian Settlement to the End of the Nineteenth Century by James Belich

The Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King

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