AmeriNZ 223 – Live on Pride 48

Ep223-Art300This episode was recorded live on Pride 48, the 48-hour podcasting marathon, on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Joining me were Nigel, Daniel Brewer and Scotty, the Little Aussie Battler. This is episode is different from my others, and not just because it’s live or 90 minutes long.

I’ll post a regular episode soon.

Links for this episode
Little Aussie Battler – Scotty’s podcast
WOWcohol – Daniel Brewer’s podcast – Nigel will alternate weeks with Daniel to host a music show, “The Third Colony” Saturdays at 9pm EDT (Sundays at 1pm in New Zealand).

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 223 – Live on Pride 48

  1. OMG this was an amazing show. Damn my time zone. I would have loved to join the fun live. Nigel, I love you 😉

  2. In our defense I just want to add that we were standing in the Duty Free shop and wondering if it was cheaper to buy our booze there or upon our arrival in FL.

    Very happy to see that metric is slowly and secretly making its presence in America.

    Love how it all started…with booze!

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