AmeriNZ 222 – Busy Week Ahead

amerinz_podcast_150x150I start out today talking about Pride 48, the 48-hour live podcasting marathon. It begins with a kick-off show at 8pm Eastern on Friday, June 25 in the Americas (9pm Saturday, June 26 in New Zealand) and ends 48 hours later. As host of Pride 48 for 2010, I’ll be on the kick-off show and the wrap-up show. My own live show is 5:30am-7am June 26 Eastern time in the Americas (9:30pm to 11pm New Zealand time). I’ll record that show and post it the following week.

I then give yet another update on a story I talked about before. The annual nude rugby game was a bit of harmless silliness. Naturally, far right christianists were apoplectic over TV news reports. New Zealand wants to turn off its analogue television. A new report finds that illegal downloads in New Zealand haven’t hurt the recording industry, despite its claim they have in order to try and get a hard new copyright law in place. The pace of emigration to Australia has picked up, despite the current governmentโ€™s promise to make people want to stay in New Zealand. That means that things are actually worse since this government took power. The New Zealand All Whites have done well at the FIFA World Cup. Finally, I comment on the abrupt name change for one of my favourite podcasters.

Links for this episode
Nude rugby a hard match in Dunedin (contains nudity) – Video
Govt seeks help to turn off analogue TV
InternetNZ downplays illegal Kiwi file sharing claims
Migration shrinks to just 250 in May, more Kiwis cross Tasman

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 222 – Busy Week Ahead

  1. I dunno. Nude rugby doesn’t bother me, but it’s not one of those things I want to explain to the daughter yet, I guess. Of course there are LOTS on the news I want to shield her from. I end up watching the tease and picking and chosing what she can see. Oil slick -yes. War – reporting about, even mention of casualities, yes; an actual firefight (which ABC showed) – no. That story on anorexia I ducked. What do you let the nieces see.

  2. Hi, I’ve read all the messages for “X.” And I notice that on itunes people are now leaving feedback and mentioning his old podcast, so anyone doing a google search may be able to find his new podcast.

    I’m not sure what the “deal” is that X worked out with his employer, but he should be aware of this vulnerability and that the asshole who reported him may be able to do it again.

    I heard perhaps one or two of his old podcasts before the shit hit the fan. And judging by all these messages of support, it was a very special podcast.

    Apparently, his old website had some nice pics on it too. AND I NEVER GOT TO SEE THEM! : (


    My life sucks.

    P.S. Saw the naked rugby clip on the news site. Am packing my bags now.

    (Note to self: Buy camcorder & lotion.) ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’ve always figured that I would move to Canada if the SCOTUS didn’t uphold equal rights for LGBTQ folks, but it’s so frickin’ cold up there. BRRRR!!!!

    And I would really prefer to live in Hawaii, but they’re so homophobic there. I know because I attened high school there. Picture HELL ON EARTH.

    Anyway, I’m now looking towards NZ and not just because I want to cornhole Peter Jackson.

    I’ve always thought that most Pacific Islanders and middle eastern men were total hotties.

    And who doesn’t love an Aussie or Kiwi accent?

    Will continue to listen to your podcast to, hopefully, learn more about immigration and the LGBTQ experience there.

    I hope to be podcasting someday, but I have to figure it all out first.

    – Andrew : )

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