AmeriNZ 236 – Live Pride 48 Townmeeting

Today’s show starts a regular series of live shows on Pride 48 as before. I’ll be alternating weeks (if another podcaster wants to take the other alternating weeks, let me know!). My shows will begin at 8pm Eastern (in the Americas).

This week is something different: A sort of Pride 48 Town Meeting on what we as a podcasting community—podcasters and listeners alike—can do to help prevent suicides among GLBT youth. Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” Project is a great idea, and UKThom is putting together a video made by Pride 48 folks.

But what about those of us who primarily do audio? What can we do as podcasters and—especially—what can we do using Pride 48? We have the ability to reach many people, what’s the best way to use that?

We also talk about other things that we as podcasters could talk more about, including history and HIV/AIDS. This is a wide-ranging discussion around these issues, and definitely not for podcasters only.

I’ll be back for another AmeriNZ LIVE podcast on Pride 48 Thursday, October 21 at 8:00pm EDT (Americas, 1:00pm Friday, October 22 in NZ).

Links for this episode
The Trevor Project
Rainbow Youth (in New Zealand)
The “An Important Announcement” post on this site that I mentioned.
JayT’s Real Men Wear Pink
Veritable Virgo’s site
Ramble Redhead
UKThom’s site
Wes Stone’s Live It Up!

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 236 – Live Pride 48 Townmeeting

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  2. I think there are lots of great possibilities for placing a PSA like the ones you mentioned: ACLU, Human Rights Campaign,, MoveOn, maybe Huffington Post. Perhaps state health department or gay-friendly pols like Sen Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

    The Kevin Costner movie was Swing Vote (2008)

    I think the guy to drove Tyler to his death is not going to apologize (at least yet) for legal liability reasons, the same reason doctors tend not to apologize for botching care.

  3. There is no one size response to LGBT youth. Yes, for some, it DOESN’T get better, or at least not THAT much better. But for a suicidal teen, is that the message to provide?

    There was, it seemed to me, a lot of talk about AIDS in 2006, when it was the 25th anniversary of AIDS – or the 75th – Expect more in 2011, when it’ll be the 30th anniversary (80th?), and your podcast mates can lead that bandwagon.

    I agree about the history of gay rights; I think it helped the black rights movement to talk about the history.

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  5. One has the duty to be sincere with teens even if it will disappoint them. Lying to them will not help. And since they are hyper sensitive to everything if they discover reality isn’t as portrayed in the message consequences can be as fatal. However describing several possibilities for life can help. It is still up to them to do their choice. Forcing them will not do good either.
    I still think teens need to learn to deeply think before acting impulsively and it seems teachers/society/environment forgot what school is about.

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