AmeriNZ 341 – Providing answers

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Last chance to post an episode before the USA’s Thanksgiving holiday, so here I am! I begin talking about the Pike River mine disaster, because we’ve had a major development. Then, it’s a sad and fraught story about division and a huge fight in Auckland’s “rainbow communities”. I also talk about how I’ve had to explain the USA’s recent elections to New Zealanders, which isn’t new, actually. Then I have a question and some comments from the previous episode. Consider this the aural equivalent of a Thanksgiving feast!

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Links for this episode
”Andrew Little confirms Pike River Mine Drift re-entry plan to proceed” – Government media release
”Pike River Mine re-entry: How it will happen”Radio NZ
”We’re in!” – Stand With Pike Media Release
AmeriNZ 242 – Sudued – The 2010 AmeriNZ Podcast episode where I talked about Pike River
”Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust withdraws support for Auckland Pride Parade after police uniform ban”One News, TVNZ
”Sound advice: ‘Just don’t go there’” – My blog post I referred to

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