AmeriNZ 162 – Pride 48 Saturday

pride48_125x125Nigel and I recorded live on Pride 48 Saturday night, and this is the recording of that show. It’s a different kind of podcast, and we had a lot of fun.

I’ll be live-streaming again on Pride 48 at 4AM EDT (USA) today, Sunday, June 28. You can see the complete schedule at, and you can change the times listed to your local time zone.

Link for this episode

Pride48 Schedule this is the schedule for the GLBT podcaster live-streaming weekend, on now.

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 162 – Pride 48 Saturday

  1. I’m still listening to this, but must say that I’m enjoying it far more than the first Pride 48 go round, which seemed…less focused, let’s say.

    If You Can Read My Mind I remember as a big hit for Gordon Lightfoot when I was in high school (1971) - I wasn’t familiar with Viola Wills, who unfortunately died a couple months ago:

  2. Forgot to add that Indiana is backwards when it comes to booze – you are not allowed to buy any on Sunday!

    Best line of the show: What do you call a blowjob in New Zealand a BLOWJOB

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