AmeriNZ 196 – What’s the topic?

amerinz_podcast_150x150Recorded live and presented unedited (be warned): Joining me for today’s Live Chat on were Archerr, Daniel Brewer and Brother Cinaedus.

This was the resumption of the live AmeriNZ Podcasts, and was meant to have a topic—The State of the Gays. We did discuss it a little, and other political stuff, but it was a free-for-all discussion of all sorts of stuff. We’re kind of out of practice for these podcasts, so I don’t really mind.

After the closing theme music, is a bonus: The pre-show (all seven minutes of it).

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Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America (Archerr’s site)

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 196 – What’s the topic?

  1. Too long to keep track, but a couple recollections:
    The conversation about black voters was funny because one of you was making 1865 references and another c. 1965.
    DADT will pass because the frickin’ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Secy of Defense, Colin Powell (who helped create DADT) and, hell, Dick Cheney support it. Seriously, here’s a case where giving the process some time, I believe, WILL succeed in the next year or two.

    Gotta say I could have done without the last 7 minutes (or 1st 7 minutes) – even more rambling, unfocused and, worst of all, boring, than the beginning of the podcast broadcast. But maybe that’s just me, the curmudgeon.

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