amerinz_podcast_150x150I’m in recovery—my cold is passing! I tell you what I’ve been up to (busy—a surprise, I know). Then I tell you a bit about Pride 48 and some of what I’ve been working on. This podcast is now played on Pride It means that I MUST now do two podcasts a week! I explain why.

From there it’s some bits from the New Zealand news: A trans-friendly proposal for the next NZ Census, the budget and some observations about NZ politics. I play an example to talk about how NZ journalists are far less deferential to elected politicians than US journalists are.

Comments round out this episode before I’m done for this week. I’ll be back twice next week!

Links for this episode

Schedule of programmes on Pride 48
Census may become more trans-friendly
Budget 2010: Income tax slashed, GST to 15 pc

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