AmeriNZ 307 – Selfie

AmeriNZ_Podcast_Ep307A new year, and my birthday is over. An audio clip about that begins this episode before I go on to talking about what we did on our summer holiday. We didn’t do much, really! It was good, though. Toward the end, I talk about some of the things I’m planning for this year. I’ll be making videos, just not quite yet—well, not ones with me in them, at least, because I may do some other ones. You may notice that I’m putting my stuff under my name, rather than my “AmeriNZ” brand. I talk about that evolution.

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Summer Sunday – Our visit to Birkenhead Wharf
In praise of Star Wars ‘Machete Order’

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AmeriNZ Blog 2014 in pictures

I was curious what a year of blogging would look like as images alone. So, I made this slide show with most of the images I posted to AmeriNZ Blog in 2014, in rough chronological order. It’s nothing fancy—I used a standard iMovie template—but I think it’s interesting to see what I talked about.

Obviously 2014 was a year of politics, furbabies and life in New Zealand, shown through photos of politicians, public events, created graphics, Internet memes, and the odd selfie. However, there aren’t all that many photos of me, so I don’t know if this qualifies as “self indulgent” or not. I’m thinking at 10:13 it very well may.

On the other hand, if an image is worth a thousand words, then there quite were a few words published, too, especially since not all posts had images.

This was just a bit of fun while I’m on holiday, but it also helped refresh my memory on how to edit actual videos—you know, just in case…

The background music is called “Perspectives” and is a royalty-free track by Kevin MacLeod ( and licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.