AmeriNZ 353 – Working the plan

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016This episode includes the debut of a new mini-segment, something I’m beginning because of a conversation I had on the AmeriNZ Facebook Page.

I begin today by talking about New Zealand’s vaccination programme, how that compares with Australia, and also about related topics. Then I move on to talk about stuff I’m doing to my house, projects to help prepare the place for my retirement. The latest project also fulfils one of Nigel’s dreams, which makes me happy, too.

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Links for this episode
“COVID-19: Vaccine data” – This is the official data from the NZ Ministry of Health, updated weekly.
“Estimated population of NZ” – This is the source of the population estimate I use to work out the percentage of New Zealanders who have been vaccinated. It is from States NZ, a NZ Government entity, and the estimate is updated every three months.
“New Zealand’s vaccine rollout might be slow, but it’s looking a lot better than Australia’s”Stuff
“Two new cases, both in managed isolation” – This story from Stuff also talks about the MIQ guard who tested positive.
“MIQ contractor First Security disputes Government ‘misinformation’ over Covid-19 testing failure of border worker”Stuff
“What the numbers say about the India travel ban”Stuff
“Home work” – My blog post about the ventilation system I added to my house.
“Powering my future” – My blog post about my latest project for the house.

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