Indefinite hiatus

The upload problem with this site still hasn’t been resolved. The site’s hosting company says it must be a problem with my firewall, even though there have been no changes to those settings, despite the fact that I was able to upload only a few days earlier, and despite the fact that even now I can upload to my other site hosted by the same company (and yes, I told them all that when I filed the incident report).

So, at the moment, I still can’t upload any new AmeriNZ Podcast episodes. Apparently, WordPress (which is what this site basically is) allows me to upload a file no larger than 8MB, which would be a very short episode. I haven’t tried that to see if it actually works or is similarly affected. I could also probably upload the audio files elsewhere and link to them here, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having this site.

Until this is resolved, or until I can change hosts (whichever comes first), the AmeriNZ Podcast is on an indefinite hiatus. If this continues more than a few days, I may try the methods I mentioned above, and I may put out a few Audioboos in the meantime (if you go to my Audioboo profile, there’s a button you can click on to subscribe to my Audioboos through iTunes; the RSS feed for my Audioboos is ).

I suppose there’s some sort of irony in that this all happened in week in which I was finally able to record two episodes. I just find it incredibly frustrating and annoying.


AmeriNZ 220 – Getting things done

amerinz_podcast_150x150It’s a rainy day and a Monday, but I’m not down—even though it’s winter. I give you an update to the hooker and he bank. Then some Members of Parliament are in trouble over their spending. A Kiwi television show is about to be re-imagined for US television, so I talk about that and British programmes re-done for America. An Audioboo promo leads on to comments, and we’re done (btw, I screwed up the address, so click the link below).

Links for this episode
Goff demotes three MPs over credit card misuse
Kiwi fans outraged by the American Wests
Listen to the Audioboos tagged “pride48”

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